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Generation Y has been faced with quite some prejudices, often controversial or cloudy. However, one thing cannot be denied, this generation loves movement. And companies should stop trying to fight this, but should accept the fact, and use it to their benefits. One possibility is to start “exchanging” talents.

Many companies have long been, and are still struggling with Generation Y. Everyone is trying to find ways to make their company more attractive for Gen Y, hoping these talents will commit to them. At many companies there are plenty of opportunities to fulfill multiple different functions. People that are driven get the possibility to grow and make significant steps in their professional career. Companies try and hope, by naming these opportunities and by showing their diverse career possibilities, to be interesting for Generation Y.

Thinking out of the box
But this approach isn’t new. These possibilities have always been here, and are now simply presented a bit better. Unfortunately, Generation Y have indicated quite clearly that this is simply not enough. To fascinate this generation of talents, we need to think outside of the box.
Let’s start with ranking some known facts regarding Generation Y:

  • Generation Y seeks movement
  • They are quickly bored
  • Gen Y needs diversity
  • They always look for something new
  • And they have indicated that they don’t see themselves working for just one employer

Beginning and ending your career at the same employer
Instead of just naming these characteristics, we should finally take them seriously. So how can we use these characteristics to still make companies interesting enough for Generation Y? Not just for starting there, but also for coming back. There are so many different companies in every single country. Companies that are not competing with each other, but do show similarities. Could it be possible to make some of these companies come together and start cooperating? Making them more interesting for this young generation of (future) employees?

Exchanging employees
Lets take four famous companies in the Netherlands (remember, it can also work with smaller companies); Shell, KLM, Ahold and Rabobank. Four companies that are not competing with each other. Within these companies the employment of new talent has been too low to keep up with the stacking amount of work and open projects.

Suppose that one of these companies is outsourcing some of their talents for one day a week to a different company. So, lets say for example that KLM is loaning out one of its employers to Shell. Rabobank and Ahold do the same thing and suddenly Shell has three new talents in its organization that provide a new and different look at their business. If all four companies do this none of them will miss any staff; they placed three of their talents within the other companies for one day a week, but got three back in return.

So what are the advantages of this new program?

  • Companies will have three new, fresh, highly educated talents in their organization for 1 day a week
  • Companies can make use of the knowledge present in the co-operating companies
  • Their own employees will learn new things when being outsourced
  • The companies become very interesting for Generation Y, seeing they provide possibilities for diversity
  • These “new”, outsourced employees get to know the other company and might be exchanged fulltime in the future

Sharing talent
Currently, companies are fighting and competing to attract talent. If we would adjust this and stimulate companies to share their talents and try to utilize their potential even more, these companies would position themselves much better, but will also provide the young talents possibilities and opportunities which are unique in the corporate market.

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