Itamar Sharon

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GeneratY is established in 2012 by Itamar Sharon. Itamar graduated from the Technical University of Delft with a master in Technology, Policy and Management. During his bachelor he did an internship in Kenya and he finalized his master with his graduation project at ING Bank. After his graduation he travelled through South-East Asia, so he could start fresh in the beginning of his career. He found a great job at Accenture, where he has worked for almost 2 years.

During a training on “People Development”, Itamar realized there is an essential difference between what he wants and needs in life, and what corporate culture currently has to offer. After many interesting conversations and discussions with other millennials, Itamar realized he was not the only one. By doing a lot of reading and research and having many inspiring talks, this realization was converted into the establishment of GeneratY – ‘Expert en Spreker op het gebied van Generatie Y’.

The feeling of doing something he really cared about, and the passion to share his vision with organizations to convince them of the power of Generation Y, made him decide to resign from Accenture in May, 2012 and focus on GeneratY.

For more information about Itamar Sharon visit www.itamarsharon.com