Inspiring Videos From the Web

The Internet is overloaded with videos. This as well, is an important element in the lives of Generation Y. Below you find exciting and inspiring videos all, in some way, related to the Generation Y theme.

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Generation WE: The Movement Begins

“We, the youth of the United States, believe our birthright has been betrayed,” declares the Millennial Generation, the largest generation in American history, to date. They inherit a country in decline and a broken political system. Still, America’s young people declares a manifesto of hope – to restore the American dream. A very inspiring video that shows the power and strength of Generation Y.


The Happy Secret to Better Work

Shawn Achor is telling his story on the importance on positivity in a TEDx conference. He brings up questions such as “Why do we think that we are only allowed to be happy, when we are successful?” Research shows that our brains work 31% more productive when we are happy. So, as Shawn says, we should try to be happy first, and success will definitely come after. But how do we do this? Watch it in the video!

It is a great, enthusiastic and very humorous story!


Lost Generation

A video that gives us goose bumps. Beautifully done, quite short, but still very powerful. It clearly shows how Generation Y thinks about today’s society and culture and how they see their future.


RSA Animate – Drive

What truly motivates us? Is it the expensive car and the big bonuses? Or is it something else? This video shows a hand drawn supportive presentation of the speech of Dan Pink regarding Drive. The video shows perfectly, and quite clearly (especially because of the drawings), which misconceptions businesses still have concerning what actually motivates employees. It is very relevant for Generation Y and should be viewed by every manager on earth.


Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire

It has been mentioned on the website a couple of times already. The true key element for leaders to connect with Generation Y is by inspiration. Simon Sinek tells exactly how this should be done. And it is all about the Why. Why do you do what you do? Why do you believe what you believe? A mesmerizing and enervating story filled with concrete examples. If you want to know how to reach and inspire people, watch this video!


We All Want to Be Young

This video shows what it is like being young. It also shows the differences and similarities of being young in the different generations.

It gives a beautiful analysis of Generation Y with very cool images, perfect music and a lot of interesting information.


Social Media – A Revolution

Social Media has become a necessity for Generation Y. It has been part of their upbringing, their education, and now it will become a part of their employment. For all those organizations and managers out there that still doubt the usefulness and future of Social Media, please watch this video. It is not a hype, it’s a revolution.


Steve Jobs – Three stories of his life

Steve Jobs has changed the world.  His products, his vision, his design, he himself is the role model for so many millennials. “Think Different” touched a chord. In his biography he tells about the importance of passion. Also in this video, the main theme is passion. This speech, given to the graduates of Stanford, fits the vision and inspiration of Generation Y very well.


Marcus Buckingham – Strengths

Marcus Buckingham is the representative for playing to your strengths. His very solid and motivating speech tackles this element. He explains his vision that the potential that can be reached can be so much greater if we allow people to do what they do best. Instead of trying to improve people, and changing them to fit the job, we should find or create jobs that fit the strengths of the employee.


Simon Sinek – First why and then trust

In his previous video, Simon Sinek explained us the importance of why. In this video he shows how difficult it can be for larger becoming companies to keep doing the things they do for the reasons they originally had. “What they do, starts to grow. Why they do it, becomes fuzzy”. A striking story which explains today’s corporate culture very well.


Generation Y and the new definition of success

“Generation Y does not want to make money, they want to make a meaning.” Joe Kessler explains in this TEDx Talk the characteristics of Generation Y and how these influence the definition of success. He explains very well what matter to GenY, the things they find important, and how organizations can meet these.


Neil Gaiman – Do what you love

“Most of us only find their own voices after we have sounded like a lot of other people. But the one thing you have, that nobody else has, is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision”.

Nail Gaiman addresses the University of Arts which an amazing inspiring speech. He explains how important it is to do something because you love it, not because of the money or fame. And when things become harsh, and you need to do something you find difficult, just pretend you are someone who can do it.