Growing Together

My mother is the reason for my apparent unfitted behaviour. She’s the one that told me to listen to my heart…  It was this message that created the foundations for a life in which my emotional feelings are at the core of my considerations. It moulded me into what I am; a better listener to myself than to others. Because of this early doctrine I acknowledge my feelings and I reflect on them, I rarely miss one.

Through this pondering a strange awareness comes to exist. I can look at myself from another, hovering perspective, and I’m able to constantly check if what I’m doing still corresponds to what I’m feeling. IF my actions deviate from my feelings I automatically take corrective measures to get those feelings and actions aligned again. It’s a skill my preceding generation typically acquired in their mid-life crises. But unlike my parents, it seems I just stop if it doesn’t feel right, hence it blocks my actions. And in that sense my feelings enslave me.

Raised in a period of abundance, more in my generation adopted this luxurious behaviour of listening to their feelings instead of doing what has to be done. And as beneficial to the person as this might be in terms of health and happiness, it is not always beneficial to the corporate world. But then again, we do not care about the corporate world… And here, I feel, we have a problem.

Werk en Leven balans

We, the corporate world and me (or my generation), are structurally interdependent, but our intimate relation starts to show little cracks. We mainly seem to blame each other for our differences: We are lazy, spoiled and have no discipline. They are way to demanding, stressful, no fun and have no regard for any human emotional system.

We need to bridge this negative gap. And al

though I can’t change how business is run or how companies work, I can change myself! If a company gives me the opportunity, I will try to learn their structured ways and adopt their hierarchical system. In turn I do hope they might offer additional freedom within the working boundaries so I can be responsible, productive and have fun at the same time!